Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Friends for Good Music - FGM - in subject to Thiruvasakam in Symphony by Ilayaraja

The brain power has put our nation firmly on the world map. Economic success will one day take us to the UN Security Council. But it is the power of our culture that is ultimately going to stabilize us as the new and resurgent super-power of the 21st century.

Cultural renaissance need an enlightened civil society that would nurture good and enhancing music, arts and literature. Though the present scenario is not that encouraging, instead of blaming others we wanted to quietly make a beginning. That is what has today come to be known as “Thiruvasakam in Symphony” by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja.

It took 25 months of painful journey to complete this project. But we endured and persevered to define it as a model that may inspire others to take up similar projects in the future. We also believed that Mr. Ilaiyaraaja is a rare genius and he is capable of creating world class masterpieces and wanted to globally present him through this ‘Thiruvasakam’.

One best way in my view to revive good music is to create a network of music lovers under the banner “Friends for Good Music” who would proactively support good music. However they will retain the freedom to decide what is good music. If this is achieved South Indian music can be liberated from the limitations of film industry and genius like Ilaiyaraaja will be firmly put on the pedestals in par with the Grand Masters like Bethoven, Motzart, Tchaikovsky, etc.

You are welcome to join this family: “Friends for Good Music(FGM)” Our first meeting will take place at Loyola College Campus on March 20,2005 Sunday at 4pm. We shall discuss on how we can work together. There will also be a detailed sharing about “Maestro and Thiruvasakam in Symphony”. Let us together to help bring back an era of good and refreshing music.

Three entities are playing the key role in taking forward this initiative: Tamil Maiyam, under my guidance, ‘Ilaiyaraaja Yahoo Groups’ with the coordination of Dr. Vijay Venkatram and ‘TIS-USA’ under the direction of Dr. Sankar Kumar.

For Contacts:
Rev. Jegath Gaspar Raj : iraja2005@yahoo.co.in, 24672217, 24995078
Dr. Vijay Venkatram : 9444028311
Dr. Sankar Kumar (USA) : ommuruga41@yahoo.com
Websites: www.tamilmm.com

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