Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hyderabad terminal - another political clash

What is in a name?, If you are in search of the answer, here is it. Hyderabad airport currently has two terminals, the Rajiv Gandhi terminal and N.T.Ramarao terminal. These two great personalities passed away in the 90s, but yesterday it was a dubiousness for surviving, with the name. It seemed as though there is much more in the name of an airport than the flights. The foundation stone for the new airport was laid by Smt.Sonia. Problem with the venture, is the new airport will be having only one terminal bearing the name of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi.

Ex Chief minister Mr.Chandrababu Naidu apparently is disturbed by this move of the ruling party to delete NTR's name from the berth(whom Mr.Naidu himself deleted from the Telegu Desam Party). The sitting CM Mr.Rajasekhara reddy decries Mr.Naidu for politicising meagre subjects. Mr.Naidu on the other side responds that TDP is not that much gullible to accept all the moves of the congress.

Mrs.Sonia seems to have moved by sentimental values, also not looking to be concillatory. Though Mr.Naidu's statment looks adamant, there is a sense of appeal towards the unilateral approach of the congress in this issue. As the turbulence is in the vicinity, Congress should have settled the issue by negotiation or atleast should have selected a common third party name.

Both sides looking obstreperous, the scenario only proliferates wreckage rather than the deployment. The issue as projected by Mr.Naidu is not so sensitive but Congress must have thought this panorama and somehow wanted to be strident. Ultimately, Mr.Naidu was arrested in regard to his protest. Whatever may be the result, the combat has already vilified the stature of the participants through the papers. Congress party looks completely lost the touch of negotiations, clashing with the oppositions in almost every state with hot issues.

Its time again for Mrs.Sonia to take another big decision to regain the fame of Congress.

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