Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Letters betters emails - overlooked eccentricity

It has been a decade since email communication started prevailing over inland letters. As I was a day scholar during my school and college days, I never faced the dilemma of prefering one. On being a computer professional, apparently I had to choose emails for expedited communication. But there are times too, I sent some handwritten letters to persons who were much intimate with me in my pastlife. Those were the letters elicited back greatly.

Heeding into the dimensions of such letters, I noticed some definite qualities. They are a source of obsessed memories, awarding the adoration, relinquishing the reader's aloof behaviors and aboveall they are the positive stimuli with the required ambivalence. They exhibit the quality to be preserved and treasured. The addressee, be your parents, your confidante, your companion or your intimate friend, letters are the one serving the purpose by sharing your care and love.

For the purpose, emails cannot be neglected as a whole. They are the language which 70% of modern communication systems speaks. Human beings are fond of reflecting ideas in quick succession rather to contemplate for two or three days. Emailing as such, is liked by everyone for its turnaround time. Within 10 minutes you receive ideas of your recipient. The timeloss in the conveyance is the greatest luxury we have to buy in posting letters. Emails acted upon this deficiency and attracted the superlatives.

Anyhow, the purport should be the primal factor deciding the mode. Ideas are to be dispersed and should not get accumulated. Emails are the more comfortable medium for public exposure and therefore are the superior medium for sharing ideas. "Share them and get them forwarded" is the motto. But to reflect care, love and concerns, handwritten letters are certainly the best. They hold the aesthetic enigma which can only be felt and cannot be explained.

When your mind speaks its your email where the thoughts are written, and when your heart speaks its the letter where your heart itself is chewed over, surely the overlooked eccentricity. Post it and get it posted.

IMMATERIAL: I may be getting an award from the postal department for promoting inland letters!!! :-)

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