Thursday, March 24, 2005

Inzamam - the silent disaster

Inzamam, playing in his 100th Test match, wanted to count his runs as well. Inspite of losing two early wickets, Pakistan managed a spirited hark back thanks to Inzy. Inzamam the fourth pakistani player to play 100 tests, carried off the pakistan score with great pace. Younis khan, having received scoldings for his carefree play in the final day of the kolkata test, supported Inzy well. As Inzy was hitting the ball like anything, Younis maintained a slow pace. Both complemented each other very well.

Ganguly, ostensible to be calm couldn't remain so. It looked like, Kumble is targeted by Inzamam, that too in his homeground. Both of them never looked to perish. India made some surprising dodges but everything was put off by the pakistani batsman. At tea, Pakistani were close to 200 for the loss of two wickets. After tea, everyone thought that one or two wickets can be fetched which also was turned down. Inzamam, raised his striking rate and Younis also joined the party. Both started to strike the ball. Runs started to come freely.

Inzamam reached his 150 sparing little more than 200 balls. Meanwhile Younis reached his 100. Then the job was not that much difficult for them. They carried their bat till the close of the first day's play. Pakistani were 323/2 at the close of play. With healthy runrate, the pressure is now on India. If Pakistanis score another 200 odd runs and let India bat in, the task will be insurmountable. Indians have to toil a lot if they have to save this match from now on. Batting second in Bangalore is always a problem for most of the teams. So this test had already turned in favour of Pakistan unless until Indians sparkle out.

As the one day series chases the test series, if Pakistanis emerge out successfully in this Bangalore test, their confidence level will be in its peak. Hats off to Inzamam for his timely captain's knock. He, as quoted by Geoffrey is certainly a "silent disaster". Anyhow, the current circumstances are clearly forecasting a good cricket weather, ofcourse without any rain drops :-)

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