Monday, March 21, 2005

Sting Journalism - upcoming mess

Sting Journalism one of the hottest news', is burning the fire under the stern for celebrities. When you are worshipped as a celebrity, you have to emphasize your laurel and dignity. Unless you live up to the foretaste of your followers, diminution can anytime knock your door. Therfore as long as you want to stay as a popular figure, the more you have to focus on your character and beacon. The danger of being a celebrity is, you have to be the reflection of the very conscience your audience have, also with high degree of patency.

But celebrities as a whole are not with divine power and also are humans. They are also prone to mistakes and misconducts. They can be even more inclined to misconducts being a celebrity (mainly in cine field). Casting couch, has always been a bigger problem for the cine stars, diminishing their fame. Many of such issues were dissolved as rumours but the keynote is there were issues (there are issues). The line of truth may be on either side and so far neither side came up with the real attestation.

India TV seems to have altered the scenario. Recently, it revealed the misdemean of Mr.Shakti Kapoor (a character artist from Bollywood) through hidden cameras. India TV also charged many leading stars of their misconducts. But this time, instead of blaming the criminated celebrity, the broacher is also facing the perverse of intervening into privacy of individuals. The journalists surely were appreciated by masses for bringing out tehelka. The key aspect of such exposure of the secrets is, they hold the clear evidence against the accused. But in India, the accused is wise enough to accuse the accuser for their mode of operation in the name of "sting journalism".

Many of us accept that there should be draft on the rights of journalism for regulating their process but it should not fetter the goodwill of public news. If you are celebrity, you are no longer an individual. If you claim the advantage of fame then you have to handle things overtly. If the public's belief is violated by the act of any individual (even when purely based on the individual) it should be punished. It should not be claimed as the right of freedom unless it gets mass acceptance. If not, then the principles of democracy will be in stake.

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