Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rahul Dravid - the unshakeable

If you browse through the cricketing history in the near future, one name which gets deep veneration is Rahul Dravid. The classy, stylish cricketer has written his note on all the pages of the chronicle. The name, as pronounced, as respected, as yened delivers the virtuosity of the character. Unlike his contemporary Sachin Tendulkar, he was not precocious, not blessed with bellowing fans, not a grapheme to impose pronouncements, not condescending in anyway and not as menacing as Sachin, but still what makes him unique is his ability to control things with enormous amount of diligence.

The avidity to deliver, allegiance with fellow cricketers, astounding technique all manifests his calibre and the degree of spirit. Having nurtured by his parents properly, he slowly but steadily is marching towards the pinnacle. His nickname "THE WALL" will be the predicate, proclaiming his eminence to the forthcoming generation. Even when overshadowed by the lights of Tendulkar and Ganguly he still stands apart and has the talent to dictate his autonomy.

Whenever Cricketing India is in trouble, there will always be a person sailing the boat with no detours. He might not be the searchlight for the treasure hunt but he surely is the roadmap. The ease with which he conducts the flow of things, those slake elegant shots, slenderly appearance all refrains his endowments. Conducive with the bat, coherent with the gloves and legitimate with the decisions, he is the only person whom we can rely upon at the time of crisis. Be his patience, his arrogance or the gentleness everything is unique with him.

One can never forget the gleaming eyes after seeing a loose delivery, timorous gestures after receiving a bouncer and the ebullience to keep things under control. This lean man has sacrificed a lot for the welfare of his team. Even when, extra burdened with the task of wicketkeeping, he is good enough to deliver. He is heading towards his 88th consecutive test appearance today. The soul which suspires cricket, surely has to be acknowledged with gratitude.

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