Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rahuls' swirls

It appears as though the current week is for Rahuls'. First with the performance of Rahul Dravid, India won the second test match against Pakistan convincingly. Second one being Rahul Gandhi, who made his maiden speech in the Lok Sabha day before yesterday. We all know of Rahul Gandhi and his personal magnetism. Being an envoy of the congress, he was not dispatching his views for the past 10 months inspite of his presence in the Lok Sabha. He surpassed this silence by making his maiden speech, the act which evoked astound to most of the members.

Rahul Gandhi being considered as the great future prospect of congress, raised the issue of payment of arrears to the sugarcane farmers of Uttar Pradesh, the state which he represents. If there is a possibility of the futuristic nepotic ideas in the Congress party, it is this man who will be enjoying the aggrandisement. He was bit hesitant in putting forward his views and referred a piece of paper frequently. Soliciting the efforts taken for the supreme court direction way back in May 2004, Rahul Gandhi was clearly lacking the experience.

The speaker reacted well, coping up his difficulties by encouraging and complementing the youngster. The speech also was elicited by the representatives of the house and to add up some of them went to congratulate him. Leading TV news channels even featured the footage of Rahul Gandhi's speech with importance. Great start indeed ! wishes for the youngster to carry on the good work.

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